Available flavors: Orange, Mint
Strenghts: 1mg – 2mg – 3mg – 4mg

Use: This product is an instant release mouth mini lozenge providing fast relief from nicotine cravings. It is the quickest form of nicotine replacement therapy when you crave a cigarette or require relief when experiencing nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

What the product does: This product provides fast relief of your nicotine cravings and the withdrawal symptoms you get when stopping smoking. When you suddenly stop providing nicotine from tobacco to your body, you will experience various unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. This product can prevent or reduce these cravings for smoking. This is because you continue to provide a small amount of nicotine to your body for a short period of time. The use of this product does not involve the health dangers associated with tobacco since it does not contain the tar, carbon monoxide and other toxins in cigarette smoke.

This product can greatly increase your success in quitting in combination with a support program and counselling.

Health Canada Approved
Consult your pharmacist or doctor regarding the availability of smoking cessation programs in your area.
Do not use if you are a non-smoker or an occasional smoker.
For adults only, not to be used by persons under 18 years of age.
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